What you look like

You are detailed orientated.

You are ideally certified as a Prince II Practitioner.

You would like to be able to influence your work and the outcomes that you will deliver.

Responsibility and accountability excite you.

You are good at listening and asking questions.

You are good at observing, thinking, and offering multiple paths to a solution.

You like to please – but more than that, you like to see the right choices being made.

You can find the language necessary to clearly explain your thoughts and ideas to whatever audience you are speaking to.

What we expect you to do

There will be a lot of interviewing, process-mapping and workshop activities with a range of clients, disciplines and capabilities.

There will also be a lot of basic form-creation, data-loading, prototyping and configuration activities.

You will be working with a Senior Consultant to deliver workshops, understand and map business processes, using your knowledge of our solutions to re-imagine those processes with stakeholders to generate “To-Be” processes. You will then gather and validate all required non-process source data for the system and use that data and the processes you have re-defined in order to populate a custom geospatial erp solution to meet the clients’ needs.

Once established, you will then work with the client to field-test the application, providing training, support and guidance along the way – fixing any issues you encounter and escalating whatever you cannot deal with.

Post-implementation, you may find yourself in a supporting role for the client for a period, or you may be moved onto the next project – once a project review has been completed.

What we will give you

Aside from the obvious primary and secondary benefits mentioned in our careers page, your principal benefits will be;

  • A supportive environment that allows you to grow, learn and develop
  • Knowledgeable and interesting colleagues who keep you challenged
  • The ability to shape your own and help shape our future
  • Recognition as being an essential part of the success of our business

Invitation to apply

We aren’t going to list a multitude of certifications or skills that you need to have to do the job. We are looking for a mix of skills, intelligence and communication skills. We do expect you to be able to support your ability to fulfill the requirements we have detailed, but we aren’t going to put a pre-requisite on the number of years of experience of doing so.

If you think the job sounds like something that you really want to do, and the company sounds like one you’d like to work for, then you should apply.

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