We are an experienced implementation team, focused on the delivery of a
state-of-the-art Geospatial ERP System that simplifies the where, when, what and how of large-scale field service operations.

About Us

We are the BORG. Ok, so we won’t assimilate you, but we are a collective who communicate freely, have a clear understanding of what it is we want to achieve and a burning desire to harness the power of continual improvement and change. Speaking of burning desire, we also donate a percentage of every sale to a fund dedicated to providing bushfire protection for those who most need it.

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Having such a deep understanding of the product and how it can best be adapted to match any and all business lines and how, if necessary, we can develop additional functionality on the fly, gives us both the confidence and the ability to be able to state simply that Go Do It can deliver, whatever your requirements. With more than thirty years of IT experience and fifty years of service management experience we have the ability to provide a unique capability – people who understand how to translate operational requirements and processes into systems.

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Working for GoDoIt is different. We believe in fixed-term contracts, with clear objectives and clear rewards. We are a real “suitable for graduates” employer looking for fresh minds and talent that we can help develop and grow. We believe in constant renovation with all staff, including our founders, having a limited term in office – providing opportunity for growth and development.

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“I have worked with Soner a number of times and always found him and his team(s) to be extremely competent, skilled and focused on delivering great and long-lasting solutions.”

– Paul Sanders

Chief Transformation Officer, Hoya Vision Care

“You have to have Soner and his team to do the job. They help us from beginning to the end. From concept to outsourcing. They can and will help us and our customers to do the work BETTER!”

– Patrick Fiolet

Client Sales Executive, DXC Technology

“We used to keep everything on Excel spreadsheets, and you’d have to take photos manually, and deliver them to your supervisor with a written record of each job,” he says. “Now our guys can just log into an app on their phone, take a photo, and get on with the work”

– Adrian De Kunder

Operations Supervisor, Citywide Solutions

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