Eight key questions to help you select your cloud software, implementation partner and support provider.

An objective guide designed to help those tasked with buying a new Enterprise Asset Management system or Field Services Management system to ensure they have asked all the necessary questions before making their choice.

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#Case Studies

Vic LGA Graffiti Team

Vic LGA Graffiti Team

While implementing the cloud-based solution for the Open Spaces, Sports Fields & Horticulture Teams at the LGA, a Supervisor who was responsible for the Graffiti team came to us and asked if we could help.

  • Customer incident reports came via phone, their systems & emails
  • Our staff weren’t even bothering to report as there was no easy way to do so
  • Administration added 20% overhead daily to provide proof of service and plan the following days’ activities
  • Management & Quality Control came second to reporting and scheduling

Read how our implementation not only resolved these issues but provided significant unforeseen benefits to the graffiti team.

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Take Control

What would it look like to disrupt the LGA marketplace for asset management? Is it possible for Councils to save money on servicing while:

  • ensuring businesses in the local community get a shot at providing service;
  • allowing volunteer organisations to work side-by-side with paid subcontractors looking after bushlands, reserves & gardens;
  • moving to data-driven servicing for all civic assets;
  • controlling spend on asset management interactively;

We think so. We aren’t 100% there yet, but we aren’t far off and we can see where it will go and where it could go if Local Government wanted to open up their works’ marketplace while controlling the quality and delivery.

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